The Power Station


Goreway Power Station is 875 MW natural gas fueled, combined cycle facility located at 8600 Goreway Drive, between Highway 407 and Regional Road 107 in Brampton, Ontario.

The Station's buildings and facilities occupy about 3 hectares, or about 21% of the 20 hectare site. The main buildings and facilities include the powerhouse, combustion turbine generator/transformer enclosures, emission stacks, dry air cooled condenser, fin-fan heat exchanger, water storage, switchyard and administrative offices.

While the station is capable of providing electricity into Ontario's power grid 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, it operates primarily during Intermediate and peak demand periods.

Natural gas to fuel the electricity generating process is delivered to the site via an underground pipeline built and operated by Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. The station's electricity is delivered to Hydro One's 230 kV transmission system located adjacent to Highway 407, south of the Station site, via an overhead transmission line.